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When Africa and Belgium create the atmosphere !!!

EP OUT 2023 - 11 - 25

BANALENKE when mentors from the music scene meet and have fun and have fun, it makes sparks fly

BANALENKE is an ethnic and multidisciplinary journey that symbolises the common passion of a whole world, united and mobilised for an exchange of emotions and atmospheres that reinforces the fact that we are all one big family. BANALENKE stands out for its festive intent and strong melodies that instinctively make you want to dance and sing along, in fact, you just have to let the band's dancer take you along in his movements without you realizing it. BANALENKE's commitment is also based on the creation of instruments with materials that complement traditional and modern instruments while at the same time instruments, while at the same time making the public aware of the waste of resources. 

Inventive and virtuoso musicians who reconcile us with 

BANALENKE, inventive soloists with traditional instruments who deftly weave in and out of the sounds of a modern orchestra that alternates rhythms, choruses and the colourful voice of the solo singer: Hugues LIBERT (Saxophones, keyboard), Timour MONTIL (Drums), Francky CHARLES (Bass), Madi Niekeme N'GONY (N'gony, Guitars, Djembe, Vocals, compositions), Emmanuel BICABA (Balafon, Djembe), Zénon KASANZI (Doum, Sangba, Kekeni and instruments of the Alternative Lutherie) and Ousmane GANSORE (Ambient dance).

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