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Ever since it started in 1994, LYRAE Records has undertaken, as a label, to promote the creativity of musicians, Belgian and international, in the fields of Jazz, Blues, New and World music. Very quickly followed by the label KROKO Records with Odex Protocol and Giusi, but above all, the blues group Fred and the Healers.

In 1999 LYRAE comes up with a new concept : live recordings are done in a recording studio in the presence of an audience. This innovation permits to bring out albums where a warm and intimate atmosphere gives the music an extra value.

The labels was created by Pascal NOEL who also founded  J@ZZ@ROUND  magazine devoted to jazz and modern music. After the departure of Pascal NOEL, MPM TRIOMUS took over... In 2020, after a long absence, Pascal NOEL is back to take over a new story... 

Our labels have collaborated very closely for many years with UUNIVERSAL MUSIC  for its national and international editions.

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