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A duet based on many directions. An harmonious blending of technology, classical and acoustic instrument leading us through styles such as classical music, jazz, pop.

The union between a fretless bass on samplers and a piano gives birth to a music in which harmony and melody are aimed at a large audience. An idea that purists may find shocking, but the result is surprising. This approach opens the door of improvised music to unaccustomed ears seduced by the entertaining side of the compositions.

Though this first production is based on structured melodies, improvised music remain it’s spirit and philosophy allowing us to meet the musician’s sensibility (O. Wenkin - piano & J.P. Klares - bass).

This CD is no haphazard, it is Lyrae Record’s first product and the artist’s first creation. The philosophy of this product is to bring the audience to a new awareness, that of encouraging to listen to improvised music and to a label of quality.


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