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Tam Echo Tam

"A cappella"


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Their nationalities: Guyana, France, Belgium, Morocco, Congo. Their genders : two girls and two boys, and their styles : from Gospel to Lattino Jazz, from African songs to Classical Music or realistic songs.

LarbiAlami (Maroc) • AlineBosuma (Gongo) • DanielVinck (Belgo-Guyanne) • ValérieLecot (France)

After having signed their first CD by Lyrae Records, Tam Echo Tam starts on an international career. They go on tour in France (up to 20 dates), where they play the first part of Jeoffrey Oryema and Cesaria Evora, they participate to the festival “Mundial” in Tilburg (Holland); their overwhelming success at the concert with the “ the Mistery of Bulgarian Voices” caused their producers to propose a licence for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The quartet is, from this moment on, invited on TV sets and for a first tour in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The success met at this tour opened the doors to them towards Spain and Congo. Following to 5 concerts done in Kinshasa and to their participation to several festivals in Spain; France invites them to represent the French song in London at the Festival “OSMOSE 96” (November) taking place in one of London’s most famous place : The Union Chapel. The ovation gave at the festival by the English audience opened to them the doors of other fashionable concert places such as : FULHAM BROADWAY, BATTERSEA ARTS CENTRE, THE CLUB 606. The English festivals are fighting to have them on stage : the “NOTTINGHAM RIVERSIDE”, the “SIDMOUTH INTERNATIONAL”, the “YORK”, the “SCOTLAND-AFRICA” and the ‘JUNCTION CAMBRIDGE”.

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