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"Sides of Life"


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Fabrice ALLEMAN (ss, ts, as, d), Michel HEER (piano), Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE (double bass), Frédéric JACQUEMIN (drums), Bert JORIS (trumpet), Peter HERTMANS (el. guitar), Strings quartet : N. Stevens 1st violin, F. Derissen 2nd violin, M. Pijpops alto, JF. Assy, cello).


Two faces of a single event, of an idea, of an act, the expressed and the non-expressed, the pro and the against, the yin and the yang, black and white, the duality in all that is constructive. Every human relationship that is bases on this conscious of duality makes us more respectful of life.

Every experience that is lived by others implies this duality, that of a wholesome life...

Thanks to life, to nature who offer us the possibility to feel, to perceive our consciousness and our instinct.

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