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"Coast to Coast"


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Paolo RADONI, Guitar - Ben SLUIJS, Alto Sax Bass COOIJMANS, Bass - Felix SIMTAINE, Drums.

Paolo is now a household name of Belgian Jazz, an accomplished musician...


Paolo RADONI, guitarist, composer, jazz educator. Paolo is originally from Italy. He was born, 1949, in Cairo Montenotte but arrived at an early age to Belgium, where he was educated and living ever since. His initial encounter with jazz was through the family collection of 78 rpm’s which included the geat fame of the era, Louis Amstrong, Errol Garner, Lena Horn, George Gershwin...

In the end of 1968, Paolo Radoni made his professional debut as musician with a jazz-rock group “Here and Now” combining free improvisation with rock rythms and sounds.

Follow 3 years of intense activity with his own group and as a member of two other top Belgian groups “Kleptomania” and “Arkan”.

His “romance” with rock lasted for few years but after some apprenticeship and “wood shading”, in 1975 Paolo was back into jazz, performing and recording with Belgian pianist and percussionist Chris Joris and South African bass player Johnny Dyani.

Paolo is now a household name of Belgian Jazz, an accomplished musician, an educator who formed many of today’s excellent guitar players in Belgium, active member and former president of the associaztion of jazz musicians.

His career took him on tours around the world where he played with the top European and American jazz musicians.

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