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"Heap of comfort"


Kris DUERINCKX, Drums - Nicolas DORY, Sax - Jozef DUMOULIN , Fender-Rhodes - Marco LOCURCIO, Guitar - Jacques PILI, Electric Bass

2002, the Jazz-Rock odyssey continues...


The jazz-rock odyssey continues and confirms the return of the Fender-Rhodes sound and the happy jazz sound of the 70’s generation of the band members.

MATTIS is a tonic mixture of John McLaughin’s “Mahavishnu Orchestra” and Chick Corea’s “Return To Forever” revisited by Steve Colerman’s “M-Base”. Modern music based on interactive rythmic combinations that generate complicity between the bass line, the rythmic grooves and the melodies of electric guitar and saxophone.

We may as well indulge in clichés “promising group”, “talented”, “to listen to absolutely”. Nicholas Dory: composition and renor saxophone, Marco Locurcio : guitar, Jozef Dumoulin: Fender-Rhodes, Jacques Pili: bass, and Kris Duerinckx: drums, impose their talent with improvisations which might not reflect their youth but guarantee unlimited creativity.

Jazz grows up !

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