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The Demagogue Reacts



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Frank MICHIELS, percussion/sampler - Yohan VANDENDRIESCHE, sax(s) - Paul FLUSH, orgue Hammond.

CD1 - Jazz Modern / CD2 - The Remix


The originality, the enthusiasm, the generosity, humour, energy and talent; a whole universe. I urge you to immerse yourselves, without reserve, in their universe - a place where many conventions are blown away.


After their first CD: "Action-Reaction", LYRAE Records decided then, to push forward  the fame of this trio with a special project - to exploit further the multiple influences already present on the first CD while respecting the musicians' artistic integrity. This has lead to the idea of releasing a double CD with a pedagogical aim: to bring together two worlds working in a parallel direction. KAZZBHA, a double CD, will allow "The Demagogue Reacts!" to create a conjunction between the "Jazz  Clubs" and the "Dance Clubs" public, and give a chance to both worlds to learn about each other -  two CDs with one common philosphy but two different styles. The first CD will be  more traditional jazz-influenced while the second will introduce us to REMIXED tracks. In this way, LYRAE Records and "The Demagogue Reacts!" will create a link: an incentive to influence the curiosity and interest of two worlds…

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