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Bruno Rose Genero has, today, a unique reputation in Europe and is considered everywhere as a reference in his style.


The percussionist of Italian origin, Bruno Rose Genero, after a training in jazz drums and classical percussion, is fascinated by African percussion. It is there, in Occidental Africa, that he studied the musical traditions among others in Senegal by
the Master Doudou N’Diaye Rose from which he took symbolically the name.

In 1996, the percussionist founded the “Bruno Genero Ensemble” composed of 7 musicians, singers and dancers.

In February 1998, the label Lyrae Records issues his first CD “Daby-Bâ”.


“Daby-Bâ” is a surprising record : it is an astonishing blending of African and Afro-Cuban music combined with the occidental harmony of contempary jazz.

An album focused on the originality of the arrangements of Western Africa rythms integrating also old Cuban slaves songs interpreted by Franca Aïmone’s peculiar voice. 

And for the arrangements, Bruno Genero asked the composer and arranger Marc Herouet.

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