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Alleman - Loveri



Fabrice Alleman (Sax Soprano) - Paolo Loveri (Acoustic guitar)

A duet born from the encounter of a saxophonist and a guitarist drawing their inspiration from the perfect harmony and the sweet complicity with their instrument.

After two years of playing together, they record their album “Duo” in December 1995. The intimist colour of the result takes all its dimension when played in concert.

Fabrice ALLEMAN (1967) - Soprano saxophone - has a long musical career. From Mons (his native town in Belgium) to the streets of Manhattan he gained a great musical experience (his presence among the musicians of William Scheller proves it). From this experience comes his lucid approach which express itself in a lyrical sonority market with adventure.

Accomplished guitarist, Paolo Loveri (Naples, 1965), worked out his art at first in Italy before coming in Belgium. He is recognised as one of the best guitar player of his country. His agility with which he leaves his spirit follow the compositions prove us his well-balanced talent.

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