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François DECAMPS

"Hamp Digs Ham"


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François DECAMPS, Guitar - Ben SLUYS, Alto Sax - Daniel STOKART, Alto Sax - Michel PARE, trumpet - Jeroen VAN HERZEELE, Tenor Sax - Lode MERTENS, Trombone - Piet VERBIST, Bass Acoustic - Koen LIECKENS, Drums.

Gratuated from the Berklee College of Music of Boston.


The leader of this octet, François Decamps, has graduated from the Berklee College of Music of Boston where he studied for 3 years. He has drawned from these three years in the United States and from his first teacher of jazz, Pierre Vandormael, his principal influences, in his guitar technique as well as in his compositions.

First pupil of Greg Hopkins than of Herb Pomeroy, he learns tradition both in the wrinting of arrangements for big bands and in the “Bebop” improvisation. He will be then, influenced by John Damian (teacher of Bill Frisell), Hal Croock and Georges Garzone with whom he will perform several times.

These musicians will make him discover a new approach of jazz and of improvisation in general, inspired by the “Bebop” as well as by other musical universe. Back in Belgium, François teaches the guitar, the composition and arrangement at the “ Conservatoire” and at the “Jazz Studio” in Antwerpen and performs regulary in our jazz clubs in trio, quartet and with his octet.

Since 1992, François has multiplied musical experiences in encounters with many Belgian Jazzmen among which : Bart Defoort, Gino Latuca, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Bo Van Der Werf, Stephan Galland...

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