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Chris JORIS can be considered as Europe’s greatest percussionist... (Jean-Marie HACQUIER - Jazz Hot)

Pierre Vaiana (sax) • Cameron Brown (bass) • Chris Mentens (bass) • Michel Seba (percussion)  • Chris Joris (percussions, piano). 

Chris JORIS has a very long carrier in which he played with the best musicians such as: Toots THIELEMANS, Bert JORIS, Michel LEGRAND, Steve COLEMAN, Deborah BROWN, Hein VAN DE GEIN, Richard GALLIANO, Cameron BROWN, Bob STEWART, Art FARMER, Jimmy OWENS, Slide HAMPTON, KADJA’NIN, Marcia MARIA, Johnny DYANI, Mal WALDRON...

...Chris JORIS is both a conservative and adventurer, he is an explorer of modern music that he creates from the wealth’s of the past...Philippe  RENAUD  (IMPROJAZZ)

...We understand even more the various sides of a strong personality, its affinities for repetitive harmonies at the piano, its rythmic efficiency with the Djembé, its love Africa and for other “South” with the Berimbau and the pentatonic Likembé...
Jean-Marie HACQUIER  (Jazz HOT)

Chris Joris has also been awarded the “DJANGO D’OR 1998” for being the best Belgian musician of the year. An exceptional award for an exceptional artist.

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