The LKCollective is formed in July 2021, it is the consequence of an awareness of a new vision for the production and promotion of music. The digital age and especially the Covid-19 crisis are understood as "whistleblower" and give reason to this gathering of actors in the world of music in Belgium, but also other sectors of direct or indirect activities that promote creativity and innovation useful to the objectives of the collective LK.

This new vision is focused on the exchange and sharing of all actors in a musical production. From creation to its diffusion, all actors are fully involved and work with a group spirit in which each stakeholder is valued for his or her intervention, and therefore, receives income in harmony with this valuation. 

The LKCollective wants to think and act for a new, fairer landscape for all those involved in production, but also creativity in all resources and dynamics useful for a quality production as well as its dissemination and promotion.

The LKCollective acts at the heart of Belgian labels LYRAE & KROKO Music, created in 1994, to ensure a follow-up of its musical heritage as well as a new dynamic and vision on the medium and long term.