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"Mise en boîte"


Singer : Joël SPLINGARD

Singer : Nathalie BUTERA

Guitar : Philippe CROQUET

Keyboard : Nicolas NASDROVISKY

Drums : Christophe BRASSEUR

Bass & Sax : Frédéric HAGON

French Pop-Folk

Composer : Philippe CROQUET

Authors : Philippe CROQUET & Joël SPLINGARD

Originally from Mons (Belgium), “Camping Baudelaire” is above all a bunch of friends who want to make music together. Rich in individual musical backgrounds: jazz, rock, classical ..., the members of the group, little by little, discovered a common passion for French song. 1st album "Setting in a box" in 2007 which, for 10 beautiful years, promotes several Belgian stages (Franc’Off, Euritmix Festival (former name of the BSF), Purple Rock Festival…).

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