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The Demagogue Reacts



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Franck MICHIELS, percussions, samplers - Johan VANDENDRIESSCHES sax(s), drums - Paul FLUSH, Hammond & Rhodes.

In the fight against predictability, we are glad to present to you three “Jazz Warriors”...


It is a wonder how such differing personnalities can combine to produce such homogeneous material, how such a mixture of influences arrives at a complete fusion, how such instrumental versatility blends its own colours in such a harmonious range. Some questions remain without answers, and so much the better. Paul Flush, a source of seductive touch; Johan Vandendriessche, generosity and spontaneous energy; Frank Michiels, low key strikingly assured.

These three talented musicians transport you into a multitude of styles and atmospheres with precision and surprise. The marriage of instruments featured in this production is used to astonishing effect; be it original composition or revisited 
standarts, it is done with intelligence and daring.

The originality, the enthusiasm, the generosity, humour, energy and talent; a whole universe. I urge you to immenses yourselves, without reserve, in their universe - a place where many conventions are blown away.


In the fight against predictability, we are glad to present to you three “jazz warriors”.

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